Our Rig

The original owner, we are owner’s #2, had every upgrade available added that the factory offered when he purchased this rig. It’s a Monaco, Platinum 1V, 40 foot tag axle Dynasty, powered by a ISL 425hp Cummins diesel engine that will take us anywhere we decide to go. We think of it as a small apartment on wheels with satellite TV, a dishwasher, a washer and dryer, a residential refrigerator, a King-Air Mattress with remote, a safe, three air conditioners, an entertainment center, security cameras, 3-HD TVs, and more … we are fully self-contained with a 12.5 Kilowatt generator, and a 6-V deep cell battery system that allows us to stay off the grid for an extended period of time. Off the grid meaning we can go anywhere and don’t require hookups or power to function. We named her “The Wowee” because every time we drive this monster there are a lot of “wows or wowee’s” coming out of my mouth – hence, “The Wowee”…


3 thoughts on “Our Rig

  1. Helen Thompson & Jerry Morris

    WOW!!! This takes our breath away. What a beautiful rig. Did you buy that in Florida? How did you find it? Do you have any more secrets? Oh, yes, if you do you can’t tell us because then they would no longer be secrets. 🙂 Where are you now and where do you plan on traveling next? If you travel up this way you are welcome to stop and see us.
    Jerry & Helen

  2. Tom & Patricia Post author

    Rumor has it your trip to Europe was fantastic! I am sure we will have a lot of stories to share… We are currently (still) in Fort Myers waiting for vehicle tags and registration among other things. Not sure where from here? Thanks for the invite…

  3. JoAnne Smith

    Perhaps Tom would take us all on an outing? Hint hint! Wowee has us all wowed!!!!!! I love the paint colors too.


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