Tucson, AZ

The 607 Combat Air Command Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ

The 607 Combat Air Command
Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ

We’ve made our way up to Tucson and settled in at Davis Monthan AFB. We plan on being here for a few days or so before we head home.

Davis Monthan AFB has to be one of the nicest military bases in the country. It has a resort style camping area that has won “campground of the year” award many times and is always in the top running, probably one the top three, out of over 200 military camp and recreational sites in the United States each year. There are 198 sites; most are pull-through sites with full hookups: electric, water and sewer. The commissary is to die for with some of the nicest produce I ever seen and the Base Exchange is huge.

Our second night here they had a Valentine’s Day dance for the RVer’s. About 150 or more showed up ready to party: They served heavy hors d’ oeuvres; a live deejay was on station, and door prizes to boot, all for $2 a person. The appetizers were something else: Swedish meatballs the size of tennis balls, chicken strips, ham, turkey, rolls, cold meats, vegetable and cheese trays, assorted fruit, and of course, chocolate. Did I mention $2 a person? There is also free coffee and YFI in the office 24/7. I like this free thing a lot.

The base has been in operation since 1925 and started out as a big open desert field. It was named in honor of World War I pilots Lieutenants Samuel Davis and Oscar Monthan both Tucson natives. The base is also called the “Bone Yard” and used for storage of thousands of aircraft that could be re-activated if needed.

This is going to be our last post for a couple of months or so. We plan on putting the Wowie in storage and heading home next week. Aside from the usual doctor appointments, the dentist, taxes (you name it) Patricia has jury duty in early April. We’ve been gone nine months now and looking forward to seeing old friends and faces in our desert hideaway at Pebble Creek…


3 thoughts on “Tucson, AZ

  1. Anonymous

    We look forward to seeing you too . Let us know when you plan on arriving. We can plan a get together shortly after that.
    Jerry & Helen


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