Progreso, Mexico

Progreso, Mexico

Progreso, Mexico

Just a short update: We ran into Progreso, Mexico, to say we’ve “been there, done that”. Progreso is a typical Mexican boarder town with plenty of poor kids begging for anything they can get their hands on. The streets are crowded with vendors selling typical junk unless you are there for prescriptions, dental work or eye glasses. A lot of retirees swear by the savings and dental work done there but personally I’ll play it safe and stay within the U.S. for anything that I need regarding my health. After lunch we headed back across the notorious Rio Grande River and headed home.

On Thursday the resort had an open house and lunch, a wonderful brisket of beef sandwich that our neighbors cooked for twelve hours. The open house is an opportunity for a lot or homeowners to show off their decorative and design skills. It’s also an opportunity to sell your lot or home if you are so inclined. One couple sold EVERYTHING all at once: RV lot, motor home and tow vehicle. They are having a house built here and will live in one of the rental casitas for three or so months while their new home is being built. RV lots go anywhere from $48,000 to $120,000 depending on the size of the bunkhouse or casitas and what was done to it. The coach houses go for about $220,000 or so.

Weather is great here, around 74 yesterday and 81 today. I have to admit I feel sorry for those poor souls up north and the Midwest. Buuurrr… Glad I’m not there.


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