Horseshoe Bay

Welcome and bring money...

Welcome and bring money…

We headed up to Horseshoe Bay on LBJ Lake to explore the area before we head south to Mission. The lake is huge, almost 7,000 acres and about 90 feet deep. Its man made, a Corps of Engineers damn project built back in the 50’s and is feed from the Colorado River. Horseshoe Bay is a resort town with a population of about 6,000 in the off season. During the summer months the town doubles in size with Texans from around the state. The Marriott has a plush resort and spa in the heart of town. Bring your wallet if you come. We stayed at a place called Sunset RV Resort right on the lake. The weather was not pleasant but the skies were clear and the view gorgeous.

We were fairly close to Austin and decided to take a look at the Del Webb’s retirement community Texas style. We hear about this community from friends and decided to take a look. I’ve never been a big fan of Del Webb’s construction so the home models did nothing for us but the landscape and facilities in the resort were first-class.

I think we’ll be back up this way in February sometime and would like to spend a little more time exploring Horseshoe Bay and the surrounding area.


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