Pam Tillis Show

Merry Christmas from Kerrville, TX

Merry Christmas from Kerrville, TX

We went to a Pam Tillis dinner show last Saturday night held in the “old red barn” here at Buckhorn Lake Resort. Pam Tillis is the daughter of legendary country singer Mel Tillis. She is one of six children, born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, and a former Grammy winner. Pam said jokingly the six children are the reason her father still stutters. Pam taught herself to play guitar and made her singing debut on the Grand Ole Opry at age 8. At 16 she was involved in a car accident and underwent years of facial reconstruction surgery because of the accident. The music was upbeat and old school according to many who attended. I gave it a so-so…

Interesting, one of the RV couples at our table told us about a llama ranch they sold a couple of years ago. The woman said the llamas protect sheep and other live stock and can sense when another animal is in stress. She went on to explain how llamas will actually kill coyotes and dogs that attack sheep by kicking them to death. “I didn’t know that…”

The owners of Buckhorn, Dee and Kathy Christensen, took us out to dinner the night before last. Dee is the one who broke his finger trying pickle ball for the first time. Long story short: Dee was a very successful commercial real estate developer. They retired and traveled all over the country in an RV. Seeing how resorts were run, good and bad, mostly bad, they decided to build one. They bought the raw land in Kerrville, and “voila”, Buckhorn Lake Resort at a cost of about 3.5 million. For their next venture they are off to Charleston, SC, in February to finalize the purchase of a 57’ yacht in which they plan on living aboard and sailing the Caribbean (for starters) while one of the older kids runs Buckhorn. Now for a funny: Patricia asked at dinner if they were from Salt Lake based on something Kathy said. Dee said they were. Patricia said innocently, “oh are you Mormon”? Dee looking down at his glass of wine said “yeah, right”. You had to be there…

Christmas has come and gone and we are now looking forward to New Years Eve here with a dinner show and live band to bring in the New Year. We passed on the Christmas pot-luck dinner and opted for one of the red heads fabulous dinners with all the trimmings.

Our next posting will be from our new digs in Mission, Texas, once we get settled in and organized. Happy New Year to all . . .


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