Christmas Trees and a Return to The Alamo

Kerrville's town square Christmas tree. Merry Christmas to all . . .

Kerrville’s town square Christmas tree. Merry Christmas to all . . .

Okay, I seem to be losing track of time either because we are too busy or I’m just getting senile. We visited Kerrville’s town square a couple of nights ago to observe the Christmas trees entered in the decorating contest held each year between different businesses in town and to also see the town’s nativity scene. I doubt anyone would even consider removing the nativity scene here; probably wouldn’t be very healthy if you get my drift. There’s something about Texas . . .

Yesterday we decided to re-visit the Alamo in downtown San Antonio. We were here three years ago (there’s that time flying by thing again) and really enjoyed our visit. Interestingly, the Alamo receives no Federal or State funds to operate. The entire operation is supported by donations and volunteers. The Daughters of the Republic of Texas is a sorority association dedicated to preserving the memory of Texas pioneer families and soldiers of the Republic of Texas. The Daughters of the Republic of Texas is best known for its role as caretakers of The Alamo which they actually own. Membership is limited to descendants of ancestors who “rendered loyal service for “Texas” prior to 1846, the year the Republic (an independent country) ceased to exist and Texas handed over authority to its territories to the United States.

Texas has had six flags fly over it over its territories making claim to its boundaries over the course of history: Spain, France, Mexico, The Confederacy, The Republic of Texas, and the United States. Rich in history and spirit, the state’s motto, “Remember the Alamo” and “Don’t Mess with Texas” are fitting to describe the attitude and swagger displayed by most Texans.

San Antonio’s famous and touristy River Walk is only a couple of blocks away from the Alamo. Filled with outdoor cafés, restaurants, boutiques and souvenir shops, it’s an escape from the typical shopping mall or bay window store fronts associated with most large cities. The Alamo and the River Walk make for a fun day of sight seeing and adventure with something new and interesting to learn even if you’ve been here before. We like the area so much we’ve even talked about moving here if we decided to settle down at some point. I am hoping that doesn’t happen for a long time…


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