Christmas Gift Excange Party

thWe went to a Christmas gift exchange party last night. There were maybe 65 or 70 people there. The gift exchange works like this: Everyone brings a gift valued at around $10. The wrapped gifts are placed on a table and everyone draws a number. When your number is called you can go up and select a gift from the table or you can take another person’s gift and give them your number allowing them to either go up to the table and select another gift or take someone else’s gift giving them the number. . . The secret is to watch closely as people open their gifts. If you see one you want, just keep track of where that person is sitting and BABBA-BOOM, take their gift. Patricia opted for a large box on the table and got, packed in a lot of Styrofoam, a pair of pliers from Lowe’s. I took another person’s gift (she wasn’t happy) but to my despair someone took it from me. A gentleman opted to take Patricia’s pliers (yeah) and she picked from the table a box of Baklava. Five minutes later a lady next to us took the Baklava, and yes we were very disappointed. The exchange process went on for about two hours with a lot of laughs and smiles all around. We ended up with two nice bottles of wine, one in a handmade wine sack (damn, should have keep the pliers).

Everyone also brought appetizers and BYOB. Boy, some of these old people can really pound ‘em down if you know what I mean. Someone even went to the trouble of making (of all things) penguins out of black olives, cream cheese and bits of carrots. Now that’s creative… Anyway, a good time was had my all, and we got home just in time to watch boxing. Life is good…


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