Thanksgiving Texas Style

HappyThanksgivingThanksgiving was amazing here at Buckhorn. The owners, De and Kathy Christenson, hosted the Thanksgiving dinner supplying the turkey, 19 in all, mashed potatoes and gravy, and wonderful stuffing. Everyone else, roughly 200 people, brought a dish according to the sign-up sheet: appetizers, dessert and so on. It took two 24’ long tables to hold everything. Needless to say we ate more than we should have. I had three desserts to boot. I’m soooo bad!

This resort has a lot of holiday lights all over the place. One fellow RVer spent a week setting up a Christmas display next to his RV. I have a picture attached. I guess he likes Christmas (a lot).

We are going to a tamale festival in San Antonio, not sure when, and Patricia just signed us up to help clean up a highway that the resort adopted – I’ll talk to the red head about that one later… They had a “meat” and greet yesterday but we didn’t go. Meat and greet: you bring “meat” and the host supplies the trimming. I’m waiting for the “tofu” and greet. I’m told they are working on it and will let me know when. Then there’s the “blind” wine tasting get-together. You show up with wine in a brown paper bag and everyone tries to guess where it came from: France, Italy or Walmart…

Funny story: I talked to the owners here, De and Kathy, and suggested converting one of the tennis courts that are never used into Pickle Ball courts. De said “no way” that he had heard there are a lot of accidents on Pickle Ball courts mostly due to the age of the people playing the tennis-like game. A couple of days later, De pulls up in his golf cart and says, “Let’s go look at the tennis courts and see if you think we could convert one of the courts into Pickle Ball courts.” I said OK but first let me grab our Pickle Ball paddles and a ball and we’ll hit a few back and forth to give you (De) an idea how the game is played. After less than two minutes on the court, he trips over his own feet trying to hit a ball back to me and ends up in the emergency room with a broken finger, needing eleven stitches and a MRI scan for a possible head injury. So much for Pickle Ball at Buckhorn Resort… I’ll report back in a later blog and we’ll see if I can get him to reconsider…


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Texas Style

  1. kylie

    wow grandpa..really showed that guy who was boss on the court! Poor guy, dont think he will be playing again anytime soon 🙂


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