Fort Worth

Stockyard Station, Fort Worth, Texas

Stockyard Station, Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth was once an old Army outpost. Today it still embraces its Western heritage and traditions and sometimes it’s called “Cow Town” because of the more that six million head of cattle that were herded north over the historic Chisholm Trail into stockyards in the mid-west during the mid-late 1800s.

The original “Stock Yard” (district) functions today as a tourist attraction with its shops, restaurants, bars, and yes, live bull riding events on the weekends. The famous Billy Bob’s, the world’s largest honky-tonk with 122,000 square feet of bar(s) and dance floors, is another attraction that draws people from all over the world. Sadly it was closed while we were there for renovations.

Did I mention bull riding? Yes, there it was looking at me saying “Are you a sissy or what?” I asked the attendant if there were any age restrictions thinking maybe 70 is too old, and the gal says, “As long as you’re five or six it’s okay”. Now who’s the smart ass? About this time Patricia is having a “kiniption” but what the neck, I’m going out with my boots so let’s give it a try. The up and down part is the easiest. The hard jerking right, then left, then right, and up and down is a little more difficult. I stayed on for the full ride (15 seconds), and with no sprained neck or broken bones to report. The attendant said because of liability they could only crank the bull up halfway. I wanted the full monty, but noooo. One guy said, “That was pretty good” as we were leaving. Hey, maybe we’ll be back and I can ride a real one. I understand if you sign a waiver you can do it . . .

We had a cold front move in dropping down to 29 degrees last night so we decided to cut our visit short and head back to Kerrville a day ahead of schedule. We took the back roads coming and we’ll take the back roads going back. No question, we’ll be back this way before long… there is so much to see and do.


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