Just Hanging Out in Buckhorn

We’ve had three days of overcast and rain. Texas has been in a drought for three years so any rain is welcomed. Our furnace has been on twice this week getting the chill out of the air in the mornings. We still get up around 5 a.m. Why? No idea. It doesn’t take long: our furnace is either electric 120w or diesel/Aqua Hot depending on which button you press. I guess the idea is if you are out “boon docking” in timbuk2 with no shore power to plug into you use the diesel generator. I guess that’s part of the reason our rig has a 150 gallon tank on board. Did you know there is actually a place called Timbuktu? I think it’s in Africa?

We did our usual walk this morning and the chill didn’t bother us once we got going. You would not believe the deer. There must have been 15 or 20 in one herd and boy can they run. We also ran into a “gang” of wild turkeys, maybe 10 or so, romping through a field. I use to think “gaggle” for birds would have been the correct term but turkeys socialize in a “gang” not a gaggle. Elk also run in a gang whereas deer run in a herd. I’m glad we got that squared away… and I didn’t have my camera with me. Darn…

The resort owners cooked breakfast on Saturday morning; just about anything you wanted: I had a bacon and sausage omelet, hash browns, and all the trimming for $6 and Patricia had eggs, sausage and toast for $4.

One of the interesting things about RV parks is someone is always coming, and someone is always going. There are new faces every day. A couple of days ago a rig pulled in just across from us with Arizona plates. The couple, Jim and Roxanne, saw our vehicle plates (AZ) and yelled, hey, where are you from in Arizona? To make a long story short they are from the same retirement community we live in, Pebble Creek, in Goodyear, Arizona. They came over later that evening and chatted about the day’s activities and where they were headed the following day. I’m sure we’ll meet up with them again. Small world…

I’ve attached a few pictures and captions for your viewing pleasure… or not. The Buckhorn Resort has three sections: the Executive section (no kids allowed), the Club section where you sign a 30 years lease and can build just about anything you want on the lot; and then there’s the low-rent section where we are camping out. Oh, there are also a few premium waterfront sites too. Each section has its own swimming pool and laundry facility, and there is even a doggie park (lots of dogs), and tennis courts and a small gym if you’re so inclined. We are headed for Mission, Texas (southern Rio Grande Valley) in January, and I am told the place we are going is even better than this one. We’ll see…

Tomorrow we are headed north to the Fort Worth area for a few days for a look around. We’ll keep you posted…


1 thought on “Just Hanging Out in Buckhorn

  1. Anonymous

    Great post! What a small world running into people that you live so close to in Phoenix. You and Patricia are living the retirement dream. We were all hoping there would be a post yesterday so I could post a response then.

    My family wanted to thank you again for your comittment, service, sacrifice, and continued loyalty as a veteran of the United States Marine Corp. We all share that great holiday to honor you, and all other veterans, to thank you for your service to our country. Just remember, we don’t need a holiday to thank our veterans. They had no special day to fight for our freedoms, so please, each and every day thank a veteran or active service person for all they do, have done, and sacrificed.

    Love you Dad and Patricia.


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