Clinton Library

Clinton Library, Little Rock, AR Cost: $158,000,000

Clinton Library, Little Rock, AR
Cost: $158,000,000

The Clinton Presidential Library is located in downtown Little Rock. It’s a beautiful building with well thought out displays of thousands of documents, videos, and artifacts and provides insight into the times Clinton served as President. It sits on 30 acres of manicured land on the Arkansas River owned by the city of Little Rock. Clinton keeps a 1400 square foot apartment on the top floor that he uses when he’s in town. Getting to the library from the freeway is relatively easy. Just follow the signs and you’re there. There is plenty of parking and it’s free. Admission to the library, senior rate, is $5 dollars.

Now, let’s give Clinton due credit. He did accomplish a few good things while in office because he didn’t have much of a choice. The Congress, lead by Newt Gingrich and a Republican controlled Congress, and the contract with America, gave Clinton little room to maneuver. So all the credit he takes was forced upon him by the Republicans. Enough said …

In addition to the archival collection, the Clinton Presidential Library features exhibits, including replicas of the Oval Office and the Cabinet Room. The Oval Office is absolutely beautiful! Permanent exhibits utilize documents, photographs, videos and interactive stations. A timeline and alcoves highlight domestic and foreign policy, as well as life in the White House. The Clinton’s received over 100,000 gifts while in office. Many of them are priceless; one being a piece of glass by Chihuly worth 1.3 million. We were told the gifts actually belong to the American people. “Okay, put that one over there in my car.” There is an entire room set aside for the dresses Hillary wore to various events while acting as First Lady. I asked our tour guide if there was any reference regarding, for historical value, Monica Lewinsky and the little blue dress. He said there were never any charges brought against Clinton and that the committee or some obscure entity decided not to make mention of the incident (there were many) but that the impeachment proceeding were therefore all to see. The tour guide said to me, “I take it you’re not a fan.” I said, “You’re smarter than you look”. He smiled; we said thanks and went on our way.
We ended the tour with a wonderful lunch in the lower level of the building. If you should ever go there, have lunch. The prices were reasonable and the food was delicious.
Trivia question? How many presidential libraries are there?


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