Hot Springs

My brother Bill, his wife Mary Jo and Patricia. I couldn't persuade them to wax the Wowie...

My brother Bill, his wife Mary Jo and Patricia. I couldn’t persuade them to wax the Wowie…

My brother Bill and his wife Mary Jo wanted to show us the sights in Hot Springs, so off we went. Hot Springs was once a national gambling center, the largest operation in the U.S. with ten major casinos and numerous smaller houses running wide open by the mob. Hotels advertised prostitutes and easy money at the tables. Hot Springs’ most noted landmark, the Arlington Hotel, was a favorite hangout for Al Capone and Lucky Luciano. For year’s local law enforcement was controlled by corrupt politicians. Much of the corruption ended in the late 60’s when gambling was permanently closed down.

Today Hot Springs is best known for its natural hot springs flowing out of the ground at a temperature of 147 degrees. It is also famous for being the childhood home of President Bill Clinton, Walmart and General Douglas MacArthur.

My brother and I decided to climb to the top of the Hot Springs observation tower which is in the Hot Springs National Park, which actually starts on the main street in the city of Hot Springs. The tower is 21 stories high. I slowed my pace so little brother Billy could keep up with me. The gals stayed below. You could see for miles from the top. Billy decided we should take the elevator back down. I agreed.

We had a late lunch at Mr. Whisker’s, a hole in the wall favorite of Bill’s, that serves cat fish, shrimp and so on . . . did I mention bread pudding? Bad again!! So bad! It was really “superdelicious”. Now I have to clime the tower again – darn. Hey Bill, ready to go??

We had a great visit, lots of laughs, and got caught up on all the family gossip. We’ll do it again soon . . .


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