Beale Street

Beale Street, all three block of it...

Beale Street, all three block of it…

In downtown Memphis, Beale Street, with its three blocks of neon lights, nightclubs, restaurants and dated souvenir shops, is the entertainment melting pot of the blues, jazz, and rock ‘n roll. It’s been there forever and everyone told us it’s the coolest place in Memphis. Well, sorry to say, we were disappointed. I’m sure the Rum Boogie Café, B.B. King’s, Silky O’Sullivan’s, Wet Willies or the Jerry Lee Lewis Café are jumping as the sun sets, but not something we cared to do. I guess it’s a sign of getting old?

The thing that irked me the most while we were there strolling down (what I call three blocks of urban decay) were the hawkers standing outside grimy little cafes trying to get you to come in and eat their food. Give me a break! Am I having a bad day or what? When was the last time the health inspector paid you guys a visit? $12.95 for a Blues Burger? I don’t think so, Cupcake. Then some homeless black guy approaches me with some lame hustle, and got the message real quick – don’t mess with the old guy. Am I having a bad day or what?

The Peabody Hotel saved the day. The Memphis Peabody is only a couple of blocks away from Beale Street. The Peabody is a 5-star luxury hotel and probably best known for a wacky custom dating back to the 1930s. Someone found it amusing to leave ducks in the hotel fountain as a prank. The hotel guests loved the idea, and since then ducks have played in the hotel’s fountain every day since. When not performing their lobby duties, the ducks live in their Royal Duck Palace on the hotel’s rooftop. They are paraded from the rooftop and back once a day by the hotel’s Duck Master. People from around the world come to the hotel to observe the duck’s marching in formation from the elevator to the fountain while marching music is played. The Peabody Ducks have gained celebrity status over the years with television appearances on The Tonight Show, Sesame Street, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. The hotel, with its old world charm, is GLORIOUS!

Summary: Graceland Yes! Beale Street NO!


4 thoughts on “Beale Street

  1. Jerry

    I think the OLD GUY was having a bad day, most of us young people would enjoy the decay of down town Memphis 🙂 I agree the Peabody Hotel is worth seeing.

    1. Tom & Patricia Post author

      No. Missed that one. Would have gone. Currently in Hot Springs, AZ. Should I get up to Little Rock I’ll visit the one there… Truth is, never heard of BBA before. Funny…


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