Memphis Ribs

Put some south in your mouth in Memphis, TN

Put some south in your mouth in Memphis, TN

We did a quick stop-over at Frog’s Hollow on our way to Memphis. While checking in, the owners, Beth and Larry, mentioned they were from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Hey, I’m from Milwaukee too… “Cheese heads” in Mississippi? What’s the world coming to?

Okay, Frog’s Hollow – it’s not much of a resort but it’s right off the highway and safe. Kind of like a Motel 6 without the motel. Beth brought out some “chocolate cheese” from Wisconsin. It tasted like fudge instead of cheese. “Superdelicious” and from Wisconsin to boot. Beth proceeded to talk our ears off for about 30 minutes not allowing us to get a word in. We finally said we needed to turn in so we could get an early start in the morning, which we did…

The run to Memphis was a breeze although Patricia gets a bit testy when I start passing the big 18 wheelers. Sometimes you swear the mirrors of the two vehicles are going to touch…

We arrived in Memphis and settled into our new campsite without any major mishaps. Trust me, getting into some of these so called “resorts” can be nerve racking to say the least.

Okay, ribs are a priority in Memphis so after a Costco supply run and a few other chores, we headed for the Memphis Barbeque Company. I remember a TV special that was done on the Food Channel staring Guy Fieri some time ago and he ranked this BBQ pit stop as having the best ribs in Memphis. The ribs are slow cooked for 5 hours using Pecan wood and a secret homemade dry rub recipe. The owners, Melissa Cookston and John Wheeler, have won 100’s of contests and awards and are both classified as World Champion Pit Masters.

“Okay sweet lips bring it on.” I ordered a full rack of dry rubbed Memphis ribs with Mac’n cheese, baked beans and cornbread. My partner in crime ordered half a rack with fried Okra and coleslaw. Did I mention Memphis Mud Pie? We are soooo bad… We boxed up what we didn’t eat and headed home feeling a bit guilty. How guilty? Well, we actually went out for a walk and burned off some of the calories which took some of the guilt away…. Tomorrow is Elvis day and we are headed for Graceland.


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