Red Dress Run

2013-NOLA-red-dress-runWe decided to run into town for the last time for a quick look-see and we ran into the annual Red Dress Run in the French Quarter. The run is another of those uniquely wacky New Orleans fun events that doubles as a fundraiser and an excuse to start drinking early. It is open to everyone and though the concept originated as a charitable event to raise money for breast cancer, it donates its proceeds to other charities as well.

The run is usually between 3 and 4 miles and participants start assembling, registering and drinking at 9:00 a.m. Participation is open to anyone over 21 who has a good sense of humor and realizes that August in New Orleans is HOT! Wearing a red dress is an absolute requirement for all participants. What you get for your participation is “Beer, Food, Music, Giveaways, and stories to tell. We were told the event is actually a drinking club for people with a running problem.

We left early before all the stupid stuff started. Tomorrow is a moving day and there is a lot to get ready. We hope to get an early start and beat some of the horrid traffic in and around this city called Naw Orleans . . .


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