Cruisin down the Mississippi

Lunch on the SS Natchez cruising down the Mississippi

Lunch on the SS Natchez cruising down the Mississippi

After spending two days exploring the French Quarter and walking for miles, we decided to spend Thursday aboard the SS Natchez, a sternwheel steamboat offering lunch and dinner tours on the Mississippi River. The SS Natchez is the last steamboat on the Mississippi and is one of only two steamboats still in operation today in the U.S.

The cruise included a southern style lunch with catfish, shrimp jambalaya, red beans and rice, okra and tomatoes, potatoes, and yes, bread pudding which seems to be its own food group here in New Orleans. There was a live jazz trio that played nostalgic music dating back to the 40’s, and a narrator that gave a historical overview of landmarks we sailed by during our river excursion.

We were surprised at the number of people on board for the cruise. You wouldn’t thing summer would bring many tourist to New Orleans but the boat and the streets of the French Quarter are packed with people from all over the world. We talked with a couple from Norway, another from Spain, and still another from Canada, all eager for their next encounter here in the Big Easy.


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