Bournbon Street

We did the Bourbon Street (thing) today and just as I thought, bars, bars and bars. My first impression is a dirty place than smells. My second impression is a dirty place that smells. That said, the area has a certain charm to it. Perhaps it’s the old rundown buildings with their French flare, the narrow streets, or the balconies that tell a story all their own. And, if you want to just smile a lot, sit somewhere and watch all the people. Besides all the tourists parading back and forth like mice in a maze up and down the narrow streets, it’s the locals that will make you look twice. New Orleans and the French Quarter have them all: the homeless, the drunks, beggars, hustlers of all sorts, drag queens, street musicians, you name it . . . each with their own story to tell if you are willing to listen.

Two gals and a guy... from Minnesota.

Two gals and a guy… from Minnesota.

We have a short “to do” list while we are here and we started today with the Café Du Monde, famous for its Beignets and coffee. Okay, they are “superdelicious” and the coffee is superb – rich, bold, and with a slight hickory flavor. Love it! We’ll be back . . .

After walking from one end of the French Quarter to the other, we had lunch at a Creole Cajun type of restaurant and experienced poor gumbo. I’m not sure but I think when I told them I was with the gumbo police they didn’t think I was funny. According to my taste buds, they should have been arrested. I think the cook put some type of voodoo curse on me as we were leaving.

We are staying at the Navy Base while in New Orleans in Belle Chase right across the river from down town New Orleans and the French Quarter. Parking is a breeze and the ferry ride coming and going is free.


4 thoughts on “Bournbon Street

  1. Anonymous

    Hey my favorite thing in New Orleans in walking in the garden district looking at all the very old and very tall houses. You may want to do this. I remember usually getting a stiff neck so don’t look up too much. Sounds like the city hasn’t changed much. Glad you are still having fun though. Raining here today;


  2. Anonymous

    Hi Dad and Patricia, Looks like you two are having so much fun!. I really have enjoyed following your travels and adventures!. I am so happy for the two of you. I LOVE and MISS you both very much. Hugs Ardy


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