Cub’s Crawfish

We passed this place several times not giving it any thought; there isn’t much to draw your attention or look at. It’s called Cub’s Crawfish located on a county road with not much of anything around it. We didn’t know if it was a bait shop or an abandoned fishing shack.P1010321

For a hole in the wall, this is paradise found, a little piece of Cajun wonder. Cub’s is that proverbial hole-in-the-wall you always hear about but seldom find. After you walk in you immediately think “should we stay or should we go”? The place was empty and the decor was flea market special; it had Good Will written all over it. I walked forward and saw an obscure reader board with Gumbo, oysters, red beans and rice, and a host of other local favorites written on it that told us “we’ll stay”.

I ordered the chicken and sausage gumbo (crawfish are out of season) that was spot on, full of flavor, smokiness and a slight back heat that will make eyes glass over. Insanely good! No way can gumbo get any better than this. Patricia order the Jambalaya that was so-so. Probably to much rice although it made a great lunch the following day. We are getting ready to head over to the Big Easy tomorrow morning so I’ll have something to compare Cub’s gumbo against. We are so looking forward to other Cajun goodies that New Orleans is famous for but we will miss Pensacola. There is so much to do here. I am sure we will be back . . .


2 thoughts on “Cub’s Crawfish

  1. Anonymous

    The Big Easy! You seem to be visiting all the hot places during
    the summer. What’s next…….Alaska in January! Hugs to you
    both. Julie


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