Bushwhacked on Pensacola Beach

P1010240We ran over to Pensacola Beach on Tuesday, which is not in Pensacola (what?) but rather on Santa Rosa Island by way of Gulf Breeze, a small coastal town and a toll bridge. The crystal white sandy beaches of Santa Rosa Island are 50 miles long and not nearly as populated with people as the Fort Myers beaches. True, there are a lot of condos, high rises and timeshares but still there is plenty of sandy beach for everyone (bring your own blanket).

We heard about a local eatery called Peg Leg Pete’s for sea food so off we went. No joke, we are there less than 2 minutes and the redhead gets “bushwhacked”. I tried to stop it (actually I encouraged it) but she got “bushwhacked”. Okay, a bushwhacker is a drink the local bars promote consisting of 2 or 3 different kinds of booze and ice cream. Ice cream? Yuk! But the oysters were supreme. The blackened Grouper, a local fish I had, was just okay. Oh, and I did the bread pudding thing again (somebody stop me) swimming in an illegal gooey sauce I cannot discuss without facing stiff penalties from local authorities.

After lunch we headed over to Fort Pickens. I’ll report on that later . . .


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