McGuire’s Irish Saloon

"Cead Mile Failte": The phrase appears in both Irish and Scottish Gaelic. In both, it means "A Hundred Thousand Welcomes".

“Cead Mile Failte”: The phrase appears in both Irish and Scottish Gaelic. In both, it means “A Hundred Thousand Welcomes”.

We thought we’d do something special for lunch on Sunday and remembered seeing a place called McGuire’s while touring old town the day before. I’ve been in a lot of Irish bars over the years and I can honestly say McGuire’s comes in on top, maybe number two; I can only think of the Cricket, an old Irish pub back in Milwaukee I used to patronize decades ago that was very traditional and (all Irish) including the sing-a-longs. I have never seen Boxtys on a menu since Milwaukee until McGuire’s here in Pensacola. As the old Irish saying goes: “Boxtys on the griddle, Boxtys in the pan; if you can’t make Boxtys you’ll never get a man”. Boxty is called Irish poor bread and is a traditional Irish potato pancake.

McGuire’s opened in 1977, and Molly McGuire signed her first dollar tip and tacked to the back of the bar for good luck. Today there are more than 1.8 MILLION dollar bills signed by customers and tacked to every wall and ceiling in McGuire’s 615 seat restaurant. Get this: The government makes them count it each year for tax purposes. It’s a taxable event.

They have their own in-house brewery and produce 6 different beers along with homemade root beer, too. Their wine cellar has over 8,000 bottles of wine from all over the world. Their Hebrew corn beef is imported from the Bronx and is to die for.

McGuire’s menu is a mixture of traditional Irish and American dishes, and serves a wonderful “Senate” bean and ham soup for .18 cents a bowl. The rub here is in 1960 this, Navy bean soup, was sold in the U.S. Senate’s cafeteria for .18 cents a bowl. Today the bean soup there costs $6.00 a bowl. McGuire refuses to raise the price of his now famous so-named “Senate” soup and is quoted as says “they’re all full of beans back there and it’s costing us, the taxpayers, more and more each day to feed the SOBs”. The soup reeks of garlic – love it!


1 thought on “McGuire’s Irish Saloon

  1. JoAnne Smith

    What a fun place. So glad you got to experience it and your review was so well written I feel as if I were there myself!

    Miss you,


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