Saturday’s Open Market

We headed over to old town and Saturday’s open market for something to do. Okay, and I really hate to say this but I was really bad. I’m a sucker for big, gooey, delicious cinnamon buns freshly baked. It gets worse! I love bread pudding too. Wouldn’t you know it; they also had bread pudding and with homemade caramel syrup to boot. Note to self: Extra syrup no charge. We took the cinybun over to a Starbucks and the bread pudding home for dessert … sooooo bad.

We found an interesting intersection in old town with pelican statues on each corner representing each of the armed services. Other than Pensacola being a military town, I had no idea about the pelican statues until I asked. It was called Pelicans in Paradise, a public art project organized by the newspaper years ago in which pelican statues were decorated by various artists, and placed at various outdoor locations around the downtown area. Initially there was a total of 41 pelicans commissioned for the project. Now they’re all over the place and no one knows for sure how many there are.

It’s starting to look like rain (again) so we headed back to base…


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