Blue Angel’s RV and Rec Center

P1010021We arrived at the Blue Angel’s recreation area and settled in just before a thunder and lighting storm rolled in off the Gulf scaring the “cageebies” out of Patricia. We were told this is now a recreational area that was once a Coast Guard station, deactivated and turned over to the Navy who turned it into a recreational area. There are 75 RV sites, 40 of them recently built with full hookups, a new laundry and shower pavilion, a small convenience store, a disk golf course, a paintball combat course, a marina, boat rentals, and nature trails to and from the beach.

The Navy and Pensacola have a very interesting history dating back to 1825 when President John Quincy Adams ordered the building of a shipyard here because of the large timber reserves nearby where the Navy’s air station NAS Pensacola is today. The shipyard became one of the best equipped naval stations in the country prior to the Civil War and for years dealt mainly with the suppression of the slave trade and piracy in the Gulf and Caribbean.

We plan to be here for two weeks to just look around and relax. I will admit the humidify here will zap you if you don’t adjust your activities accordingly.

It looks like we are headed over to the Navy’s National Aviation Museum, so we’ll see what that’s about and let you know later …


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