Falling Waters

We headed out early this morning and covered 300 easy miles heading towards Pensacola and the Naval Air Station there, the home of the Blue Angles, our next stop.

We pulled into a small State Park called Falling Waters just off of I-10 near Chipley for the evening. Once hooked up we took a hiking trail down to a beautiful waterfall hidden in the tall pines and forest. The waterfall itself is about 75’ high and then falls down and disappears into a cave at the bottom of a sinkhole.

We had Patricia’s homemade spaghetti and Cesar salad for dinner ending another great day here in Florida; bummer, no satellite TV with all the trees. Oh, I forgot, there was a small snake climbing the tree next to our motor home last night. Patricia called the National Guard, the Fire Department, Sheriff’s Department, and booked a ticket home, all in less than a minute. She is now resting peacefully and should be back to normal by morning.


1 thought on “Falling Waters

  1. JoAnne Smith

    Patricia I don’t do snakes either. I would have also called the Boy Scouts and of course the Marines too!


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