Where Does The Day Go?

We are early risers, usually around five or so: Then, and before you know it it’s going on three or four in the afternoon. So where does the day go? Is this a sign of getting old?

Speaking of old, guess who had a birthday last week? I was told not to mention it so I won’t … oops. We celebrated the red head’s birthday at a waterfront restaurant in the Fort Myers beach area. It wasn’t crowed and the weather, with a breeze coming off the Gulf, was pleasant making it a wonderful day.

Speaking of beaches there are 663 miles of beaches in Florida and 1,197 miles of coastline. Also, Lake O or Lake Okeechobee (we are starting to speak Floridian) is the second largest freshwater lake in the U.S. measuring about 730 square miles in mass. (I didn’t know that.)

Tidbit: Ponce de Leon discovered Florida in 1513 when he landed near present-day St. Augustine and claim Florida for Spain. I wonder if they called it “Imminent Domain” back then.

Did I mention it’s been raining A LOT. We have a couple of warranty issues to complete on the Wowie, hopefully by Tuesday, and we’ll head north up to Sarasota for a day or so to look around . . .

Great food, great service, beautiful view, life is good...

77 degrees, great food, beautiful view, life is good…


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