Lakefront Dig

We drove back to Fort Myers yesterday: 277 miles with a stop at a casino for lunch. Our new “dig” is a lakefront lot at Cypress Woods RV Resort; one of two lakes in the resort. No sooner did we pull in when it started to pour! It lasted 15 minutes or so which is typical here in Florida during the summer months

. The lake is beautiful and has two lit water features that give you the impression of flames coming up from the water. I understand the lake is filled with cat fish, bass, bluegills and crappies. We were told there is a small alligator in one of the lakes someone planted to be cute (wasn’t me).

Patricia is making Brownies, one of my favorite food groups, and I think we are having shrimp and pasta with lots of garlic; another one of my favorite food groups. Nope. I’ve just been informed we’re having Salmon…

The funny looking thing on Wowie’s roof is our satellite antenna. So far the thing has worked flawlessly. It takes about 5 minutes for it to find all three satellites it connects with and BINGO, we are in business. Can’t live with our Fox News: Fair, balanced and unafraid . . .

Final note: I see some ads are popping up in my blog. Please ignore them. It’s all part of the “free” things that helps WordPress pay their bills. No big deal…


1 thought on “Lakefront Dig

  1. JoAnne Smith

    Sounds like you two are having a blast. The new park looks lovely. Just heard on Fox and Friends that Elizabeth Hasselback from the View will be replacing Gretchen Carlson in September. Gretchen is going to get her own show in the afternoon. Anyway keep having fun on the Wowie and we are all anxious to meet her. Miss you both.


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