Cudjoe Key

We arrived, all in one piece although I’ve aged a year or two in the process. We are at a place called Cudjoe Key Bay and Venture Out, a gated resort about 20 miles from down town Key West. Venture Out is a mix of new and old weekend get-away shacks: old trailers that sit here year round, expensive waterfront homes, 5th wheels, and motor homes. We are parked in a space designed for a smaller RV. How we got into this space is beyond me and never would have happened without the help of a couple of friendly neighbors whose motivates may have been self preservation or the loss of personal property. We got together with them later and all had a good laugh about parking this thing. “I didn’t think it was all that funny.”

There was a beautiful breeze and sunset to end the day, Patricia and I are still talking to each other, and who knows what tomorrow brings. It’s been a long day and I’m sure we’ll sleep with no problems tonight. More to come…


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