Six Mile Cypress Slough

The Six Mile Cypress Slough is over 3,400 acres of wetland in Fort Myers. This ecosystem is home to a diverse population of plants and animals, including a few considered to be endangered. We didn’t see any on this trip so nothing to report, but we did see a wild orchid growing on a tree. (Boy, I hope none of my old Marine buddies read this!) We used the Slough’s 1.4 miles of boardwalk to keep our feet dry and to make sure we didn’t step on anything that might bite us. This wetland area received very high reviews on Trip Journal and things to do in Fort Myers. I’m not sure why?

We just secured a “spot” in the Keys starting June 30. We’ll be staying in a place called Cudjoe Key and have a nice corner lot in a private RV community with all the amenities. The Keys and Key West are one of those things on our bucket list. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we’ll take a ton of pictures to share. Oh, the fancy lighting picture is the inside of our rig at night. It’s a nightlight with attitude.


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