Siesta Keys and Drum Circle

We had never heard of drum circles before so curiosity took us to Siesta Key Beach for its weekly drum circle “happening” held every Sunday about an hour before sunset. Basically a drum circle is three to five hundred people of all ages coming together to enjoy the end of a day and lose themselves to the rhythm of loud drums that inspire a sense of happiness and joy. The inner circle is a place for dance and frolicking and self-expression (let it all hang out) or just be yourself and have fun. The local “hippie types” and kids seem to really be the ones having the most fun. Everyone else watches, smiles, and somehow finds themselves taken by the simplicity of the moment that some call a “happening”. The drum circle’s creative expression of life through community and the beat of drums bring harmony to the end of a beautiful day.

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Notes: Siesta Key Beach is ranked the number #1 beach in America and #2 beach in the world for its baby powered sandy beach and beauty. Siesta Key is an eight-mile long barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico just south of Sarasota and north of Fort Myers.

Steve and Sharon Ownby, new friends of ours from Tennessee, went with us and really enjoyed themselves this being their first time to a drum circle “happening”. Steve and Sharon have been helpful beyond words in our RV buying experience. Both are experienced RVer’s and have been on the road now for six years. Their generosity has allowed us the use of their RV lot located in an up-scale resort called Cypress Woods here in Fort Myers. They also own two other RV lots, one at Hilton Head, South Carolina, and another somewhere in Tennessee. We hope to meet up with them again next winter somewhere here in Florida at one of the hundreds of RV resorts that cater to homeless retirees.


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